5.5m Work/Pleasure Plate Boat
Smooth. Strong. Stable. Safe
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Like all plastic AquaTrucks this boat has an exceptional ride. Forget photos of boats launched out of the water because they don’t tell the story of what it’s like to be on the boat when it comes back down. We recently took a career abalone diver for a ride and launched off a few waves and he was sold. His comment half an hour later was that his teeth and spine would still be rattling had he been on his ally boat. He braced himself but the shock never came.

In terms of ride quality versus stability, this boat offers the best of both worlds. Large deadrise at transom makes for a soft ride, while the free flooding stability tank delivers additional deadweight at rest, providing a stable work or fishing platform. With a simple closing device you can choose whether you want the tank to stay full when underway in rough stuff or empty at rest if you’re already using the boat’s ample 1000kg payload capacity and don’t need that extra stability.

Construction Photos